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Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper Sharks

Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper Sharks

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Enjoy the greatest water fun safely and stylishly. The Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper with cool Shark print is perfect! A puddle jumper is one must have for safe swimming, a kind of combination between a life jacket and swimming bands. The puddle jumpers are suitable for kids between 2-6 years (equal to 15-30 kg).

The Puddle Jumper consists of one whole, including a part for the arms that is attached with a strap around the waist. The whole thing is held together by a buckle on the back, making it difficult for your child to take it off themselves. Because the inside is made of foam, your child will float well. Also take a look at our life jacket with the same cool shark print!

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