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Snippers Gift Box Whiskey + 2 Glasses

Snippers Gift Box Whiskey + 2 Glasses

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Snippers are an original gift for every gin, rum or whiskey lover who likes to brew and experiment with his favorite drink.

With this set, you can give the complete experience. First make your own Whiskey and then share it with other Whiskey lovers in these two beautiful glasses. Because after all, you should drink whiskey together!

The bottle contains wood chips from used whiskey barrels. The chips slowly release their flavor if you add a 'neutral' alcohol such as gin or vodka. It's like your drink is maturing in a wooden barrel.

How do you proceed?
Step 1. Add your extra spirits
Step 2. Store the bottle in a cool, dark place for a few months
Step 3. Filter the spirit through a (coffee) filter before drinking it
Step 4. Enjoy and keep experimenting!

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